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Health and Well-being

Health and Wellbeing Programme: 2020-21

We want to make our curriculum both relevant and exciting for our children. One way in which we have done this is by arranging for a visitor to come and talk to us about health and wellbeing. Check out our visitors for this year! 







Team building activities, completing the challenge, health benefits of exercise.

Sealyham Activity Centre.


Head Instructor Visit.

‘Tough Mudder’ style assault course.


Children seek sponsorship to raise funds for local Mental Health Charity ‘Get The Boys A Lift’... "Inspired by talking...”


Yoga and Mindfulness.


Amelia Stone- Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor.

Yoga and Mindfulness sessions with Amelia Stone.



Natural healthy foods, Coastal foraging.

Craig Evans-Wales foremost Coastal foraging expert


Cooking foraged foods on log stoves-Workshops with Craig Evans.


Rugby- Autism awareness

Fitness in sport.

Jigsaws Rugby Charity.

Rugby sessions with Jigsaws Rugby.


The Olympics.

Jasmine Joyce-Scarlets, Wales, Team GB 2016 Rio Olympics and 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Sport sessions with Jasmine Joyce.


Endurance Events, Goal setting.

Rich Simpson-Endurance athlete, the only person to have walked the Pembrokeshire Coast Footpath in 3 days.

Writing workshops with Rich Simpson.


Connection to nature, Drama, acting.

Jerome Flynn-Actor, TV star.

Drama workshops, connection to nature.


Triathlon, fitness, sports nutrition.

Rhys Harries-TEAM GB Ironman, Founder- West Coast Tri and Watt Nutrition.

Triathlon Day-running,


Art, Cuban Art, Music and Travel.


Raul Speek from the Raul Speek Gallery, Solva.

Cuban Artist of World renown.

Art and music Workshops with Raul Speek.




Dr Andrew Hignell, Glamorgan CC, 1st X1 scorer.

Cricket sessions with Glamorgan CC.

Trip to Sophia Gardens to watch Glamorgan CC.



Seth Morris-Professional surfer, Welsh, England, UK National Champion.

Beach Day, beach activities.

We are looking forward to developing the new Health and Well-being Area of Learning and Experience as part of the new curriculum for Wales.

This Area of Learning and Experience is about the physical, psychological, emotional and social aspects of our lives. It recognises good health and well-being as a key enabler of successful learning. The aim is to support learners to develop and maintain not only their physical health and well-being, but also their mental health and emotional well-being, as well as developing positive relationships in a range of contexts.


To enable this, it will build learners’ capacity to make informed decisions about their health and well-being and also to engage critically with a range of social influences which may impact on their values and behaviours.

Here are the 'What matters' statements that we focus on for this area of Learning: 

  • Developing physical health and well-being has lifelong benefits.
  • How we process and respond to our experiences affects our mental health and emotional well-being.
  • Our decision-making impacts on the quality of our lives and the lives of others.
  • How we engage with different social influences shapes who we are and our health and well-being.
  • Healthy relationships are fundamental to our sense of belonging and well-being.

All pupils are taught the importance of healthy living through food and fitness. Lessons include Play to Learn, gymnastics, dance, athletics, games and adventurous activities. We have also developed many 'Pupil Leadership' groups that focus on Health and well being.