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2 points

4 points

6 points

Ambitious, capable learners

Create a powerpoint presentation explaining how coal is formed

Create an infographic poster (collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text) about Welsh coal mines

Write a newspaper report about the Miners strike 1984-1985

Healthy, confident individuals

Find out why a cornish pasty has a crust. Design a new healthy, tasty pasty for our Welsh coal miners.

Create your own Welsh coal mine artwork inspired by Rhiannon Roberts

Learn or write a poem about ‘Wales’ and perform it for somebody

Enterprising, creative contributors

Make a model coal cart/mine cart to help transport coal. (make sure it moves!)

Design a new piece of equipment or clothing for the coal miners. Label it, describe it’s material and why it would be useful.

Create a kahoot, quiz or game about renewable and non-renewable energy

Ethical, informed citizens

Design a poster to encourage pupils in our school to reduce energy usage (turning lights off, taking laptops off charge, turning interactive whiteboard off)


Study one mine from wales that produced something other than coal. Write a report about it.

Write a biography about Margaret Thatcher