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The Humanties Area of Learning and Experience includes five subject areas:

•History, Geography, Religious Education, Business Studies and Social Studies.

The 'What Matters' statements are what this area of learning is centred on. They are designed to be linked and are not intended to be taken in isolation. The five 'What matters' statements for Humanities are: 

•Developing an enquiring mind enables learners to explore and investigate the world, past, present and future, for themselves.

•Events and human experiences are complex, and are perceived, interpreted and represented in different ways.

•Our natural world is diverse and dynamic, influenced by physical processes and human actions.

•Human societies are complex and diverse, and are shaped by human actions and beliefs.

•Informed, self-aware citizens engage with the challenges and opportunities that face humanity, and are able to take considered, ethical and sustainable action.

We aim to develop this Area of Learning and Experience by adopting a holistic, integrated and interdisciplinary approach. We believe that the new approach to Humanities is a positive way to develop learners for future studies. Throughout our termly topics we seek to develop a sense of heritage and place through their local area, Wales and as part of the wider world. This Area of Learning and Experience is designed to encompass past, present and future, including the role of learners as citizens.