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Safeguarding Children, Young People and Adults...Everybody`s Business


Pupil Safeguarding Brochure

Children’s Responsibilities

All children have ‘rights’ but with ‘rights’ come ‘responsibilities’. You are responsible:

  • To learn
  • To take care of yourself
  • To show love and respect
  • To listen to others
  • To look after your environment

Who can help you?

  • A trustworthy adult.
  • A member of your family, teacher, support staff member, or Headteacher in your school.
  • Members of your school restorative team
  • ChildLine – 24 Hour free helpline 0800 1111
  • NSPCC Child Protection 24-Hour free helpline 0808 800 5000
  • Pembrokeshire Social Care 08708 509 508
  • Police 999

Operation Endeavour Letter 8/12/2020